Different Names and forms of Rangoli

Rangoli is a very popular form of art in India. It's also called as Muggu, Muggulu, Rangavalli in Telugu, Kolam in Tamil, alpana. Whatever be the occation, celebration you can see women draw beautiful rangoli. It's inspired by nature, fruits, flowers, birds and animals. There is a simple form of Rangoli drawn using dots. You can see the example of Rangoli Drawn using dots at ikolam.

This is one form of drawing Rangoli. Most of the Rangoli will be drawn using dots. Because it's simple, easy to learn and easy to draw. There are other forms also where we don't use any dots. But simply drawing a design. It's called as Free Hand Rangoli Design. You can see lot of such Free Hand Rangoli designs by Nagarathna T.S at Chittara. Here is one such example from Chittara Rangoli Designs.

As mentioned above in India each and every Festival and Celebrations includes drawing Rangoli. Among those Diwali Rangoli is quite popular for it's beautiful formation using lights. The basic Diwali Rangoli is drawn using Colors and the small lamps are arranged to make it look more beautiful. See the image below.

Onam is the most celebrated festival by Keralites. Irrespective of religion everyone participate in this festival. Drawing a Rangoli of Flowers is part of Onam. Not just in Kerala, Wherever there are keralites you can see how they celebrate the festival. Look at the beautiful Onam Rangoli. The speciality of Onam rangoli is that it's drawn using various types and colors of flowers. It's also called as pookalam. Poo stands for flower.